Sunday, April 17, 2005

Eleven down. Kind of.

After lunch, we went back in and tracked Nothing Scares Us and (Mind Of A Girl, Body Of A) Spaceship. Patti added some insanely rocking overdubs that prompted producer Greg E. Normo to announce "Patti's a good guitar player." Which is a real nice compliment when you consider E. Normo's power of understatement.Meanwhile, Nick heated up the grill and we all took a dinner break of hambuger for the real men and chicken breasts for the screaming pussies. I had one of each. Oops.

When the sun went down, we went back in and did Toaster, which sounded totally trippy and Devil in My Car, which consisted of six minutes of Nick playing mind-numbingly awesome drums while the rest of us stumbled along behind him. That's OK, because it's most important that Nick's take is right, followed by Liam then Patti and finally me. Which is because the band brings in a studio musician to overdub my parts while I'm sleeping anyhow (Yes, that was deadpan and yes, I said six minutes. This will not be the radio hit unless seventies rock makes a comeback NOW).

Everybody was drained afterwards, so we brought out the whiskey and recorded our covers: Jane Weidlin's (the Go Go's) Automatic and The Smith's Unhappy Birthday. We think Automatic was a keeper, but Unhappy Birthday might need a little re-record--by that time, E. Normo had grounded an alligator clamp to Liam's leg to keep his bass from buzzing, the Whiskey was having its effect on our playing, we'd applied autotune to the scratch vocals and everybody was laughing their asses off.

Before we went back up to our pimpin rockstar pad, we decided that we'd take a listen to everything this morning and decide what we want to try again from yesterday. Unhappy Birthday will probably need another try, and Nick is still not sold on his drumming in Der Spook.

And here's an interesting end note. We all sat around the TV watching The Surreal Life when we got back, which was featuring Jane Weidlin (whoa!), who was crying because another washed up and forgettable musician was calling her washed up. Well Jane, you made an indelible impression on the rock scene around the world, and we love your songwriting best out of all the Go Go's stuff. If washed up means that my favorite band in Chicago is recording your song 20 years after you wrote it, then you must not be as washed up and irrelevant as you feel (although appearing on The Surreal Life is probably not helping that impression).


addendum It has come to my attention that I got Jane's last name complete wrong. Let me just say, Jane, that this is testament to the fact that I am hopelessly out of touch, not that you are hopelessly out of date. Everybody knows it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys sound like you are having a blast! i'm so frickin' jealous. haha...but hey i just wanted to restate the fact that it was good to see you all at the rock show at the Double guys kicked so much ass....and here's an update from me...I'm playing with Jo (formerly of Boyskout) Today! and who knows maybe one day we can a play show with you guys. :D
so yea play that funky music white boy(s)...and girls. LOL.

4:19 PM  
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