Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Going where the water tastes like cheese

We're heading out with our friends Bang! Bang! on Thursday for a wicked good long weekend to the Dairy State. On Thursday the 4th, we'll be playing with The Box Social at the Onopa Brewery in Milwaukee (that's the town that made that one beer famous! Or something!); at the Rock Island Cafe with Catacombs Of Rome in beautiful Neenah on Friday the 5th, and on Saturday the 6th, I'll be doing my best not to fall off of the incredibly high stage at The Slipper Club (again!) in Madison, where we will be joined by The Hat Party.

I'm so ready to play some goddamn shows that my teeth are chattering. LET THE WHISKEY FLOW.

New review of Time Attack at Baby Sue


Blogger stv slv 1337 said...

"intense technology"
"odd rock music"
"simultaneously surreal and trippy"

"The main goal of the folks in this band is to just have a good time and entertain their audience"

"doesn't require too much thought...and yet it somehow enlightens."


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