Thursday, May 26, 2005

From The Road

I'm currently in Monroe, Louisiana, on an travel/off day of the Zincs/Monade tour. In several ways, it's a world apart from a NB tour.....we're traveling on a tour bus, and playing support for a band that features one of the founding members of a highly influential band (Stereolab) that has toured with Sonic Youth and REM (needless to say, this sort of pedigree brings out some pretty creepy superfans)....I like the not having to drive, and the waking up in the town we're going to be playing with enough time to wander around and relax before the show, but I'm missing playing my own songs, and it is a pretty crazy switch to go from being one of the lead/front people of one band to being a substitute in a support role. I'm having fun though, and these French people are swell.

I am excited to hear the final master of the record, and anxious to see some of Jef's artwork for it. I'm doing what I can to find a computer (atleast one without a French keyboard) in each town so that I can check the progress. This computer hunt has now gotten me lost two days in a row. I'M AN EXPLORER

Even listening to my unmastered copy, I've got to say that I have never been so proud of a record before.


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