Tuesday, May 17, 2005

what we do when in the studio, but not actually working

enough of the on-topic stuff, right? greg has tivo and we've been watching a lot of aqua teen, south park (you don;t need a link) and sealab. greg & liam have been nerding out on clone wars too and about the upcoming star wars movie. liam has been nicknamed "lord palpatine" or "lord palatine" (non chicagoans may not get the reference, palatine is a chicago suburb) depending on the mood. the girls are generally repulsed by the star wars, i'm indifferent about the clone wars, but am kinda looking forward to the actual movie. but, i'm also not making plans to see it on opening day (cough cough liam and greg). there's also some backstory here, when episode 1 came out, my old, old band ng kindheit was recording with greg and he was all about star wars and talking about it constantly. during mixing of the last new black record we bought him a jar-jar binks costume mask that hangs in the studio still - he is a total star wars nerd. oh no, we's a gonna die?!

also, the wiffle ball field in the walgreens loading bay has treated us well. last night's discovery is that we can have night games - the lighting is pretty good there. i fucked everything up last night though. normo was on the mound doing his maddux (he's got a hell of a slider - and a pretty deep arsenal of pitches all around actually, but he's a bit of a loose cannon, not a lot of discipline - i've had to charge the mound a few times on him.) kimball was in deep center/left/right field, and greg pitched a fastball that i popped up onto the top of the pharmacy so we have no ball now. greg's talking of stealing one from electrical today. the best part is we're using a real aluminum bat, so you can really get a full swing in on that fucker. it's also pretty fun to yell "NORRRRRRRRRRR-MAN!!! NORRRRRRRRRRR-MAN!!!" and "KIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-BALL!!! KIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-BALL!!!" and "KRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-KA!! KRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-KA!!". go ahead and try it out now - it's just like you're playing wiffle ball with us now! the girls don't seem to interested in wiffle ball, they usually lay on the couch and watch tv while we play stick.

also - i think we've eaten from piezano's on 47th about 4 times now. yesterday was lunch at apache grill on archer/damen. i still think piezano's has the best pizza in chicago - though the people who work there seem brain damaged. we've also eaten at huck fin's donuts, and the archview. it's been the world tour of archer diners.

we also went to mckinley park and liam hit me in the back of the head with a superball and i wanted to kick his ass - but we made up since it was an accident. greg caught a dead catfish in the algae overflowing pond - although actually it was sleeping so we left it to nap.

these are the important things about recording right?


Blogger LIAM!! said...

I actually bought a ticket for Episode III today. Although I am not going to the first showing on Thursday night. I am in fact waiting until 1:30 Friday afternoon. I'm going to wear my wookie costume.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous -Melissa said...

*does my best impersonation of a meatwad dance* for all of New Black.

All My friends are going to see Star Wars tonite...i gots to wake up at 4am ...that shit aint gonna happen for me.

3:33 PM  

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