Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What you got in that suitcase?

What's in the suitcase?

This? Nothin.

Seriously, what's in there?

Oh......a monkey in a sumo diaper.

Seriously? Let me take a look

Nope. Sorry


No Way.

....We've got two songs left to mix, although we're probably about halfway through one of them. The record is looking to have this track sequence:

Intro (I'm calling this intro Merekats)
Time Attack
Nothing Scares Us
Devil In My Car
Big Haus
Der Spook
Red Bandit
Mere Cats

....everything is finished, with the exception of Red Bandit and Der Spook (which will be a whole different mixing experience than the rest of the songs, as we've decided to use the demo version instead of the Pachyderm one. It's a good choice.) Everyone has agreed, without actually voicing it, that Khalil! needs to be remixed as well. Honestly, the mix we've got is a bit conservative in comparison with the rest of the songs, and if it's going to lead off the record, it had better kick ass.

Right before we left tonight, Greg took the ending of Red Bandit and cut it up and recorded it backwards. That'll probably intro the song now. DON'T TELL ANYONE, but Norman's using the computer for some of this stuff. DIGITAL AND ANALOGUE RECORDING, TOGETHER. Truly frightening.

We worked until six this morning, and my sleep schedule is dicked up. Tommorrow, this part of the record will be finished.


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