Sunday, May 15, 2005

Rock Show VS The Awesome Jam

It's pretty ugly out today. Thank goodness. Ugly is the perfect sort of weather to spend a day in the basement of StudioGregStudioIII.

We retracked the vocals on a couple of songs yesterday, including the finally finished 'Red Bandit'. After giving everything a listen, we played some wiffleball. Greg and Nick were amazed/horrified at how bad I am, despite my switch hitting skills.

Lastly, before heading out to our show, we fired up the 2 track and began mixing the piano intro to the record. Greg had an idea to add even more noise to the scareyness by mixing 5 or 6 of the songs from the demo together on his computer and adding that in sparingly. It sounds neat. And creepy.

A big thanks to everybody who came out to the Hideout last night, especially The Like Young, The LDW DJ's, and Meat (I love my tie). It was a fun show, I love playing at the hideout (everyone there is so nice!), and it was a fitting way to begin our 'summer break'.

Today: We get into mixing this fucker.


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