Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Commentary On Some Of These Pictures

So, I really hate being home. I hate going to work, I hate cleaning my apartment, I hate making my own coffee, I hate not just working on music 24 hours a day (although, truthfully, we didn't work for 24 hours a day, but we were atleast thinking about it).....

This was the updated solution to my buzzing bass problem. Instead of clipping the thing to the skin on my leg (which hurt like all get out), Greg clipped it to a spoon, and taped the spoon to my leg. So, I had a spoon taped to my leg for a couple of hours...

The Savage Amp was in the bathroom, and it sounded like hell. It's the main guitar sound on a couple of songs, was used for a few guitar overdubs, and was used on the keyboards in place of the busted B12 Organs that Rachel had planned on using

This is the guitar the Nick got all Jim O'Rourke on with his drumsticks. For another song, I did the same thing with Rachel's knitting needles. She made Patti a scarf and a little kerchief for somebody's rat dog.

This is a picture of Nirvana at Pachyderm

This is New Black at Pachyderm. The log is Francis Bean

Nick and I in the sauna after our first day of tracking. Saunas are awesome.

This is Jim, who was the second engineer for our record.

This is Adam, who was the assistant. Adam's alter ego is building bass enclosures for cars, and is a world record holder for building the loudest car-stereo system. He is currently building a speaker box out of steel and concrete that he hopes will reach 180db (which is louder than a jet engine). His dream is to build a stereo that will be loud enough to emit the 'brown sound', which is a noise so loud that it makes people lose control of their bladder and bowels. That is an awesome goal.

Rachel and Patti doing what they do best.

Greg chasing a wild turkey. He didn't catch it, but he tried his damndest.

The axe murderer strikes again.


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