Monday, April 18, 2005

Fire Up the Grill - Take 2

we're hitting the tail end of our stay here at pachyderm, and just finished a monstrous intro that has grand piano, orchestral bass drum and snare drum, suspended cymbal and 3 guitar amps feeding back (at both real speed and half speed). sly stalone better watch it because this shit is over the top. uge as they say. too big to put the H in.

anyway, i just lit the grill for our last meal here. patti's doubling some parts over at the studio, then i think we're gonna try and put vocals on a couple numbers - then put together some rough mixes. we also made drum samples for stv slv to remix from - so takers can get the "pachyderm drum sound" library. it will be hot: coming to a computer near you.

today was essentially unnecessary overdub/fuckaround day which has been great. i've also done my share of jim o'rourke impresonating (circa his experimental guitar days) playing tabletop guitar with drumsticks and pick. liam did a similar take on another song that was recorded backwards - which will freak out all the stoners.

when i woke up mysteriously all my dirty clothes were gone (including my pants) so most of the day i've been wearing a silly pair of xxxxl red soccer shorts that make me look like an idiot. the laundry was actually in the dryer - so now that it's clean, you'll be happy to know i have clean jeans on.

i hear the crew coming back now. patti says "we did a cool thing to 17"


Blogger stv slv 1337 said...

here's some key words that i've picked up from reading this thing so far:

- trippy
- stoners
- dead bear cub

this is probably going to be the best record of 2005, hands down

11:03 AM  

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