Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pretty Pictures - Round 1

jim from pachyderm was nice enough to send us these pics he took, you can start to see how awesome the place is.

greg at work

liam beeing grounded. this requires an explanation. liams bass was giving off a buzz when he wasnt physically touching the strings - which was a problem in quiet sections or when he wasnt playing. greg's genius solution was to electrically connect liam to his bass providing a constant ground. he clipped a wire to the bridge of his bass, and the other to a chunk of skin on his leg - outcome: perfectly silent bass - and reportedly a quite painful liam. suffer for the art dude.

ax murderer leaves his warning sign for us.

console labeling. top is tape returns, bottom is channel inputs.

pro tools: not turned on. greg inspecting some shit.

sitting on the couch

rachels keyboards

patti's regular setup


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