Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crap We Left...

cell phone charger (mine), toothbrush (unknown owner) and dead bear cub. it's gonna take a little longer to get the photos up, they're all on greg's laptop right now, so i gotta get with him to make that happen - be patient.

the drive home was tedious and it is both good and bad to be back home. i give it a day till im back to city stress level. once back in the city driving down sacramento like 4 different people ran in front of the van nearly getting ran down, and some jackass casually rode his bike through a red light nearly getting ran over by the car next to us on chicago ave. being removed from the city sure makes it seem insane once you're thrust back in it. one of the best things about recording was i didn't leave the pachyderm compound once in the 4 days we were there. the only people i saw or talked to were directly involved in making the record - so it was very good and focused.

after unloading our gear at our practice space we went down to the skylark and had dinner and some beers with normo. it was a nice post-game review type of meeting, reflecting on what we did, and where we're going for the next phase of the record. greg seems really excited about it all which is cool - he was like a kid in a candy store all weekend.

in the end we only used 3 of 6 reels. my head hurts from hearing our songs so much, i need a break - so this is cool to have a breather.

other quick additional notes i remembered - ua 2610 was used on gtr. d112 was close mic on bathroom gtr, and 57 room and hvac duct. bathroom gtr used the tube tech stereo compressor. marching snare used 451 and tlm 170s. piano used km-54s and tlm 170s. fet 47 was used on a lot of other various overdubs, as were the 170s.


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