Tuesday, May 10, 2005

vocals - day 1

back at home, not at looking forward to the day job tommorow. should be up in about 4.5 hrs. vocals at studio greg studios. got a lot done, not all - but a lot. i'm sure liam will write more - but nerd details are that most of liams tracks are through a beyer m88 to sony 3036 pre to dbx 160x compressor at about 3:1 and patti is to at 4033 to hardy pre to dbx 163 to tape. if track space allows an at 4051 room mic track delayed at 20ms though hardy pre. i did some overdubs into a sm 58 to a combo amp miced with a gefell um70. compressed w/valley dynamite. patti also doubled her part in seventeen using this setup.

this is silly, i'm going to bed. we didnt bring a camera, sorry - no photos.


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