Thursday, April 28, 2005

Same Room

one thing that was different about this recording from past recordings we've done is that we were all in the same physical room together. in the past, we've tracked basics as a band playing all at the same time, but everyone had been in thier own rooms with thier amps and i was kinda isolated in the big drum room. what we did here this time was acoustically isolate each instrument in its own room, but run cables out to the main live room so that we were all standing close to each other just like at a show or at practice, but still able to achieve isolation if someone wanted to go back in and punch in a part or something. except me. i had to play everything right all the way through all the time. but these two photos show you the room layout from behind the kit. liam was like 4 ft away, then rachel like 10 ft, and patti 15 ft - just like at our practice space. everyone's amp was in another room, but we could hear them all over our own custom headphone mix. so for example if i wanted tons of bass and no scratch vocals, i could hear that while playing, but if rachel wanted tons of gtr and scratch vocals, she could hear that and control that independently of anything greg was doing in the control room. the joys of the furman headphone system.


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