Monday, May 16, 2005

Mixing it up.

I'm here at work while everybody else is at Studio Greg Studios doing all the work. We started mixing in earnest yesterday after breakfast at Huck Finn's family restaurant and donut shop, and if I weren't about to drop under my desk and pass out from exhasution, I think I'd be jumping up and down I'm so excited.

Mixing, for the most part, is drawn out and tedious work, especially for Greg, who has to listen to everything AND make it sound right. On analog. But it's also the most rewarding part of recording. Because once you're finished, you actually have a real live song. Except for the mastering part, but that doesn't happen until next week.

We started with my dramatic grand piano intro, then did Khalil, then Nothing Scares Us, and finally Devil in my Car. Nick drove me home at 3am so I could get up and get to work this morning, and I left the team with a list of songs I promised to trust them with completely. I'm pretty sure they finished Seventeen after Nick got back.

Just got a call from Patti an hour ago, who had to relay the bad news that I needed to redo my vocals for Time Attack cuz they were out of tune (the hazards of writing parts for yourself that you can't really sing. Oops). So I passed the task onto Patti. I'd rather have them done and done well sooner than later. I'm off work at 5:30 promptly, and will take the Orange Line back to SGS for dinner and more mixing.

We're supposed to be finished up by tomorrow night. Holy cow.


Anonymous melissa said...

oh you guys have been recording and stuff by my momma's house. I love that resteraunt. greasy goodness.

how've ya been schindles?

3:39 PM  

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