Wednesday, May 18, 2005

stab me in the eye we're done! sorta..

we worked till about 5am last night mixing the shit out of the remaining songs and holy halalujah we're done. unless we find something wrong, but i'm gonna say we're done. it is both awesome and crappy to be done with the recording part, on one hand we've been working so long on it, it's nice to have some closure and a full on completed version there instead of "works in progress" - but i'm sad to bid greg an adieu for now, we were pretty seriously in record mode there. there will be more though, we're going to go back at sometime in the next few months to finish up the outtakes and b-sides, so it's not REALLY over i guess.

is it too lame to say you love your own record before it's even done done? cuz i do. hearing some of that stuff back is like, 'holy shit, is that really my band? cuz that's fucking awesome!'

we are all very sleep deprived and crazy right now. so the recording/mixing was done spread over 11 days (2 days demos - though one album track is partly from a demo session) working btw 8-14 hr days. something like that.

i want to be a haberdasher when i grow up.


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