Monday, May 23, 2005

last minute panics, fuck our neighborhood

the reference cds are awesome, but we found a small glitch in one track so normo and i scrambled to make sure our asses are covered for mastering tonight. he's holed up mixing the shit out of milemarker's new record right now. basically since pachyderm, our two bands have been playing time share with him. they'd do a few days, we'd do a few days, and so on. it's been a strange "ships passing in the night thing" - we've been milemarker fans for a while, so it's a cool coincidence. anyway, so i went to electrical to pick up a backup digital copy of one of the songs in case the reel version has the glitch on it. (long story - basically some tracks were mixed straight to tape, and others went to hi-res digital, the ones with more complicated changes and wierd shit which were then assembled and dumped back to tape for archival/consistant sound). on the way out at 12:30 last night i noticed some fuckers shot our van window out - looks like a pellet gun or something - but nevertheless, fuck our neighborhood. thank you to milemarker for suggesting a good, cheap place to get the glass fixed - apparantly their van has also seen it's share of chicago mishaps.

liam's out of town now, so it's all up to rachel, patti and i to head up to milwaukee tonight and get this mastered. so, so close to being done. sort of. at least the audio portion of the cd.


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