Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Stores Today!

Can you believe it? Time Attack in stores today!! It's been quite the journey. You can get it at your favorite local record store or insound.com. Liam and I talked to Mike at 75minutes.com last night, it was also pretty cool. Through the magic of COMPUTERS he was able to record our conversations over internet phone from different parts of the country (NY, Ohio, Chicago) and he will the ASSEMBLE them into a hopefully cool interview. Podcasts are pretty cool. At first I couldn't really figure them out, but it's turned out to be pretty easy. The wave of the future they say.

It was my birthday yesterday. I had a good day.

vinyl update

we got test pressings back the day of the listening party, and ultimately approved them, so they are being pressed as we speak. i guess i haven't talked much about this, so here's the basic deal of how it went down:

we had trevor slightly modify the cd mastered version (trim the end of devil, add a little to the end of the record) and then send the files to masterdisk. meanwhile i designed the labels following the classic sound org design and sent it off to masterdisk as well.

quick caveat about sound org (since mike was asking) it started originally as a vehicle to put out the ng kindheit 7" (my old no-wave/experimental band) in 1998. the name originally came from tim miller, the kindheit guitar player and had sort of a double meaning at the time - sound (read: solid, togther, secure) org (organization) and sound (sonic) org - which we thought was cool. since then it's been releases of something i've been a part of, this being SORG-005. also, as part of a label identity, all of the LP or CD labels follow the same design, something labels used to do in the 60s. i was inspired by old London, and RCA record labels - and keep that consistant across releases. since kimball and i met up in 2000, it's mostly been the two of us "running the label". there are boxes upon boxes of old releases laying about my house - it's not a very profitable operation!

back to time attack. andy vandette (blues explosion, beastie boys, david bowie, bruce dickinson and kid rock among tons of others) took trevors files and made a laquer. the laquer is basically a very fragile record. the music is played through the neumann cutting lathe, and the stylus vibrates cutting a path in the laquer much like your needle will at home. except the laquer is very fragile. once this laquer is cut, it is sent to the pressing plant to be plated - where they make an inverse mold of the laquer - this is a large metal stamper. once they have that mold, the stamper presses into the hot vinyl wax making a resulting record. that's the uber quick explanation of it all.

so the pressing plant makes a short run of 5 copies called test pressings - that they send to us to approve or reject before doing the whole run. these have simple white labels with the matrix number hand written on them (SORG-005) but otherise are just like the record will be in weight and playabilit. we got the pressings last week, listened to them and they sound great. so now they're being pressed at the plant (33 1/3 - the pressing is outsourced by masterdisk)


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