Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ames, Iowa

We're just getting up to steam on this here tour, had the day off yesterday after a pretty fun show in Minneapolis and one in Dubuque the day before. I love having the record on vinyl, but those things are wicked heavy. We took in a little culture yesterday at the Walker art museum, saw our friend from Pachyderm, Jim, and drove halfway to Omaha, which is where our show is tonight. The stupid rock and roll behaviour has been kept to a minimum, which is good for our health, but leaves us a bit short on entertaining stories. Here are a couple of the several pictures that I have taken so far.....FLICKR


Blogger resident jason said...

one of these days, i am going to lure new black, like some helplessly drug-addicted fish, to springfield, illinois. the new cd is criminally-amazing. criminal, i say. i finally had to evict the mounatin goats' 'sunset tree' so time attack could maintain permanent residence in the car cd player.

10:39 AM  

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