Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Press

Patti and I did an interview with Bob Mehr of the Chicago Reader for his column The Meter. They took some fancy pictures of the four of us, and my big-ass head is on the front of section three.

Chicago's Newcity called us one of the city's ten bands on the verge. Big ups to our pals Bang! Bang! and Patti's other outfit, The Dials, for also being "on the verge". We're all on the verge of something.

Nick and my interview with Mike Gibson is up and running on the 75 Minutes site. We sound like nerds and talk about the internet alot.

Maximum Rock N Roll gave us a nice review. I'm paraphrasing but I believe it was something like "a great release from a band I dig or something. I mention it because Maximum Rock N Roll sort of intimidates me, so I'm glad that they were nice.

We're getting our pictures taken again tonight for UR Magazine, whom Rachel had a talk with, and Shea has been working like crazy getting us a bunch of press for the upcoming tour.



Anonymous Mike >> 75 Minutes said...

I'd say that you don't sound like nerds, but, uhm, we did spend a lot of time talking about the blog for the album. :)

ANyways, it turned out good. Thanks again for doing the chat. Can't wait until the end of Oct.

9:48 PM  
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