Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

We're all just waking up from our day-off rest at the Kraska family home. Nick's pop was kind enough to grill us some meat and veggies, let us drink his beer and do some laundry. We've hosed off all of the funk and grease of the last few days and are rarin' to go for the next leg of this here tour.

The shows have been pretty wicked awesome for the most part, we have zero complaints. Big ups to the good people at Grimey's Records and our boys Apollo Up in Nashville, The Labiators and Travis the poster-maker in Asheville, our homies Bald Eagle and Nardy the poster-maker in Columbia, J. Hall and his hyper-smart baby in Kansas City and Billy and Shea and Elizabeth and Luna and the Math and Science Highschool in Hot Springs.

My awesome camera that my wife gave me before we left is now a paperweight (due to know fault of my own) and awaits repair once I get back to Ohio. So no more pictures, which happens to be bullshit.

Tonight, D.C, and I've got a couple of things to say to the President, so I hope he shows up.


Blogger thecockroach said...

I just listened to your record. V.impressive. Any plans to come to the UK?

Im gonna stick one of my lame ass attempts of a review up there on you guys.

5:47 AM  
Blogger smplcv said...

Seems cameras don't work at right time for many! Last year when i toured Europe, had the same issue with the camera, so have to purchase a new one in pairs!

Electrical Engineer CV

11:44 PM  

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